Heaven on Earth

Deep inside we all long for a piece of heaven on earth, a place where we can find true rest, true peace, true joy, and true happiness – yes, a meaningful life. Many people are moving from one place to another, searching and longing for this… But alas! They only meet one disappointment after the other! They never find what they were longing for… But heaven on earth is a reality, it truly exists! But where can we find it?

The secret is that we can find heaven right at our feet!

Satan got almost the whole of mankind to believe that heaven is elsewhere, far, far away, and that you have to be rich, clever and smart to get it. But the secret is that we can find heaven right at our feet, right in the circumstances God has placed us! In Acts 17 it is written that God determined for each of us our times and boundaries, that we can find Him there, He who is all-mighty and has all wisdom to create heaven in our specific circumstances! And then we don’t have to run and search all over, for we can find heaven right where we are, in our own circumstances!

Without God and His wisdom there is no heaven

We can say that our boundaries are made up by our circumstances, our finances, our health, our talents, abilities, intelligence, etc. When I spend more money than I have or try to do something beyond my means and abilities, I come outside my boundaries. But God made it so that we should find Him within our boundaries! And it is when we find Him that heaven on earth starts – for without God and His wisdom there is no heaven – no true joy and peace and rest!

How to get in contact with the living God

From the moment I bow myself and accept the way God has measured out things for me, my circumstances, and boundaries, and I start thanking Him – from that moment the all-mighty, all-wise God and His Son Jesus take notice of me. For God only hears billions of complaints and accusations coming from the earth every day. But when He hears a voice from the earth thanking Him – that is for sure drawing God and Jesus’ attention!

Heaven on earth! 

And then Jesus starts talking to me, showing me how to live and what to do to find true rest, peace and joy in my circumstances and within my boundaries! And if I simply do what He tells me, He and the Father are right there where I am! This Jesus promised in John 14:23 and this is a reality! And when God and Jesus are with me in my circumstances, I get all the help and advice to live a meaningful, happy and peaceful life – right here on earth! Then I get heaven on earth!

These truths are confirmed in Matt.7:21, I Thess.5:18, 1 Pet.3:10-11, Luk.17:20-21 and Joh.14:23.

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  1. Simon Mahega

    John 14:23 This is really true as i love him and do the will of his Father (GOD) then i will get peace, joy and fellowship with him just here, But if i do my own things and pretend to be of wisdom, then unrest, Conflict and problems will be arround me every time because am not doing what he want am doing of my own, pretending to be wiser etc. 1 Corithians 1: 25 so this heaven on earth is really true, what i have to do is TO DO HIS WILL & NOT MY WILL it’s written in Mathew 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

  2. Njikap jean François

    Je dis donc , ”si vous marché selon l’esprit vous n’accomplirez pas les désirs de la chair”
    Le paradis ce trouve donc en lui et en lui seul ! ”en lui était la vie, et la vie était la lumière des hommes ” merci.

  3. Gro Jacobs

    Thank you for this article Tielman! I read it at a time of need and when I really needed to hear these words! It has been life changing for me. How I look at my “boundaries” and that I can find heaven on earth in them. I can now say that I am truly thankful for my life and the circumstances I am in which I could not a few months ago. Thank you for helping to enlighten my eyes. All glory to God who can and will make us truly happy.

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