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“… I became bitter and full of hatred toward the government and the system.”

Gadiel Lazcano Tielman Slabbert
Gadiel Lazcano

Gadiel Lazcano, a very good friend of mine, grew up in Mexico. In our conversations with one another, we discovered that we not only share the same faith, but we face more or less also the same challenges in our daily life!

Reading an article Gadiel recently published titled, “The real danger of living in a corrupt country”, the thought immediately came into my mind: Gadiel could have been living right here in South Africa!

Gadiel wrote: “I was born in a country where we have to deal with many problems every day. There is a lot of poverty and crime. I remember when I was 10 years old, I got a long talk about what to do and say if I was kidnapped. It was very hard to think about such things at that age. Of course, people around me in school and at home became afraid, cursed and complained against the government because of these problems. It almost looked like everyone was trying to say that all the problems were caused by the government. And I actually agreed with them.”

“I became bitter and full of hate toward the government. I felt a lot of pain in my heart when I heard about people being robbed and sexually abused every day. This pain made me live in fear, hate, and complaints toward other people. I didn’t like this way of thinking, but I didn’t know what to do to change the situation. I even got robbed myself a couple of times, so that didn’t help at all.”

The easiest solution for me was to blame the government, or anyone else. And that gave me a kind of “peace”. I mostly thought: “At least I am not the problem.”

But then Gadiel was faced with a painful question: “What if I am actually the problem?”

Being honest with himself, Gadiel discovered that he himself is actually part and parcel of the problem! Facing this truth, he discovered something that changed his whole perspective! Read what Gadiel has discovered (Click on the link below). It is 100% applicable to us in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa too!


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  1. Benard Otiso

    I am gonna thank God so much for this article that has become a real testimony to me. This is what I have personally experienced and gone through, always murmuring and complains about our rulers and how corrupt the nation has become.
    I can now see and understand on how I have become part and parcel of this problem and how I can become a problem solver.
    May God help has to stand in the garp in prayer and sacrifice for our country and the government.

  2. Hazel Cooper

    Thank you for the uplifting words, the reminder of the challenging words of how each of us as Christians have a role to play in praying for righteousness in government because God’s word says that righteousness exalteth a nation. At 73 years if age, and having gone through what we did in my 73 years, nothing has become more important in my prayer life. God bless you.

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