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Why on earth are you still here??? Yes, this is a legitimate question. Why would I live in a place that the once-mighty-president of the United States (Donald Trump) called a “s…hole”? A place where the municipality is bankrupt and the “wheels” are coming off, with regular power failures and raw sewerage streaming along the main road. A place where corruption and the looting of state assets have turned a public service into a dis-service. And not to mention crime, murders, hijacks, etc, not too far from your door.

Are there not better and safer places on earth? And is it not time for me to get sober and count the cost, draw a line and just pack up and leave to one of the many attractive places “out there”?

Yes, of course, there are more attractive places “out there”. And I have counted the cost, I have weighted the pros and cons on a scale. And? I discovered that true peace and happiness is not depending on my circumstances at all! It depends solely on God’s blessings. In Psalm 133 David wrote about such a place. It could be that he was hiding from Saul in the desert at that moment. But his conclusion was that where brothers live together in harmony, “there the Lord commanded blessing – LIFE forevermore!”

Part of this blessing is that God opened my eyes to see things through His eyes, to see what REAL LIFE is about, what really matters in my everyday life. When I for example just think about myself and how I can have it good in my life, then life becomes hard and miserable. But, if I think about those around me, how to help them, how to make life good for them, how to live in harmony with them – then blessings stream down from heaven, right into my heart and mind!

New, positive and good thoughts pop up in my mind! I see those around me in a totally different light! In my everyday life I have to do with people in construction, in hospitality, administration, maintenance, gardening, security, farm workers, domestic workers and many others. The vast majority of those surrounding me every day, in my eyes are good, honest, loyal, faithful, friendly and down-to earth people. And when I go to the bank, or wait somewhere in a queue, people are open and friendly, and we make simple jokes and laugh a lot. The same with the assistant at the till in the shopping centre, the petrol attendant, the waiter, everybody! It is very seldom that I ever meet sour people!



Yes, with raw sewerage running free at places, driving past it sometimes smells like a “s…hole”. But in this “s…hole” a person, no matter what race, colour or creed you are, can look into the pram of a young woman and make warm and friendly remarks about her baby. We talk, we laugh, we joke, we shout greetings across the street, in short, we LIVE!!

If I put all of this and many, many more things on the other side of the scale, how on earth can I go away from this blessed place and precious people? Yes, maybe I can afford to leave, and maybe find a little secure and safe paradise somewhere, and then? Sit there lonely by myself and do what?

God has placed me right here where I am, right among precious people. I love them! I love South Africa, I love Africa! I am part and parcel of it. We all have our share in creating this “s…hole”, some more than others. But no man, nor power, nor authority, can hinder the Almighty God when He wants to bless. And He cares for the birds in the air, the lilies in the field and also the little insects in the “s…hole”. He looks very well after the upright of heart, those who want to do His will.

You may ask again: Why on earth are you still here??? Because I discovered God’s blessings right here! And with God’s blessings we can make South Africa a better place for all!

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    Of course! You and your dear wife looked after me on tour – the memory still brings grateful tears to my eyes. I have no doubt that you are there serving and blessing each one you meet daily, surrounding all with God’s love, obedient to the Holy Spirit’s whispers. Thank you for sharing and leading the Way.

  2. Christiane Seiter

    Vielen Dank Tielmann, diese Geschichte ist wirklich toll, und dass Du an Deinem Platz frei stehst, sehr schön beschreibst du ,wie Du mit den Menschen um dich herum umgehst, mit viel Freude, spaß
    Humor, sodass die Menschen mit dir in Kontakt kommen, ich habe sie heute morgen meinem Sohn vorgelesen 👍👍 viele Grüße

  3. Energy Chada

    Thank you for a wonderful article that keeps us in a tremendous and jovial spirit that God is working in us in a good way and give us a gift of peace and oneness regardless of our race and background on this earth.

  4. Energy Chada

    Thank you for a wonderful article that keeps us in a tremendous and jovial spirit that God is working in us in a good way and give us a gift of peace and oneness regardless of our race and background on this earth. We are very thankful for the gift of life and we put all our needs in God`s hands. For he is the only who opens the doors no one may close.

  5. Esmah

    Thank you Tielman. I think it is only God reason why I am here. I am happy where I am and in the church. Amen. May God bless you thank you for what you do for all of us in Africa.

  6. josephine

    Indeed, we are still on the earth for a better reason. As for me am seeing God’s wonders through you Tielman, he send you to rescue me in everything, I mean everything!! Me and my family are so thankful. We give glory to God for your presence in our life. LONG LIVE Tielman.🙏🙏

  7. Dina du Preez

    Thank you for this very good and blessed article. When you look for the good and beauty and blessing, it follows you all the days of your life. Life and all creation speak of God’s abundance and goodness…. the Creater of heaven and earth! He knows, plans, sees everything for my very best. We are richly blessed!

  8. Claude Kue Kamdem

    Very good article with a rich content.
    We sing in a song “If you are good, everything is good”. When we are reconciled with our circumstances, then our eyes can be opened and we discover that heaven is just here where I live with all those who are around me. No complain, no accusation, no demands on other, but just Thanksgiving spirit for all, then my joy can just overflow for Jesus is looking after me and takes care of me just where I stand. No matter for what other can think, do or how they can treat me, my peace becomes greater and greater. This is really a great revelation from God.
    Many thanks dear Tielman for this article ; I’ve also experienced you just as what you write.
    Your very thankful Friend,
    Claude Kue Kamdem.

  9. Elmien Kriel

    My heart wants to burst from thankfulness while reading this article. That is exactly how I have experience it. When you seek Gods kingdom first He simply opens your eyes to all the blessings and good. When I seek my own everything is negative.

  10. Ekeocha Sochima

    Understanding that people around me need care and love no matter the race is very paramount instead of looking out for just myself. Thanks Slabbert

  11. Lourens Campher

    Thanks Tielman for the article about why we are all still here. God has placed all of us here and He has made us part of His plan of salvation for this part of the earth. All things are working for our very best who love God, those who are called according to His purpose. Rom 8: 28. Greetings to your wife and children. God bless.

  12. Louis Liebenberg

    Thank you for this article! I also experience this what is coming over SA, Africa and the world as an opportunity to know Jesus in all the trials and tribulations. For me personally is 2020 the best year in 28 years since i met the church, and many things have come in place. I thank God for everything and look forward to a glorious future and to grow in the Church as God permits.
    Thank you Tielman for your clear message of Hope!

  13. Gibson

    I am extremely thankful for this article, and what comes to my heart is that God created me just as where I am ( I don’t have to complain about ) and He will do what is the best for me if I will just do His will.

  14. Ebenezer

    I can choose to be bitter and live a pitiful life thinking that, “If only God put me at that other place or gave me this or that …” But the human nature will never be satisfied. Instead of living a grumpy miserable life, I pray that God who put me where I am will always keep my eyes open to see things through his eyes and that I may always live a joyous life.

  15. Jenipher Nzima

    We are here today because of his Love to us, When we have God in our lives we have everything all other things will be given to us.

  16. jean marie Nkon

    Thanks for message Tielman
    To be happy does not mean living in a better developed place or being from a superior and rich race. because although we live in very different places we have the same needs, wants and circumstances relating to our life and belief.
    Happiness is not always to have what we desire but to appreciate and learn to love those who are all close to us, in short the search for harmony and peace with our environment.

  17. Suzanne

    I don’t live in South Africa anymore but I’ve asked myself this question many times.

    Why can’t I just go back to my family and the people that I’ve grew up with, whom I love so dearly? I felt so miserable many many times, but the more I’m thankful for my situation the more I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, and like it’s written in the article. I start to see the people around me in a different light.

    Thanks for this article!

  18. Millicent Ouko Anditi

    Iam still living for God gives me golden opportunity to work on my salvation in various life circumstances I come into.Crush self daily and remain in Christ virtues without human fear , relations or favor,find peace with God in this life way

  19. Miryam Kue Kamdem

    This helps me a lot, thinking that where i am, i can always be happy whatever the situation.

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