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She is walking down the aisle… white as ivory. He is quietly waiting… solid… and dark as ebony. Hundreds of eyes are following each and every step, and then they all turned silent… (on mute!). This was the first online wedding I’ve ever attended, and what’s more it was for an ivory-white Afrikaner girl and an ebony-dark Kenyan gentleman.

With most guests coming from an Apartheid background, with racist ideologies and discriminatory thoughts deeply engraved in generations over a period of 368 years, what would you say if you had to address this online congregation and couple? You could only go on your knees and ask Jesus what He would say if He was standing here today! And then Bible verses start popping up in my mind, so living and clear!

“What therefore God has joined together, let no man put asunder.” Matt 19:4-6. This is central in the solemnisation and the vows made by the bride and bridegroom to one another before the face of God and the church. Let’s never “put asunder” God’s counsel, He who made them husband and wife from the beginning and who has worked it in these young and upright souls who sought His will for their lives.

The wedding celebration started after the vows with a good friend singing a “love song” with as chorus: “Love is to lay your own life down, as Christ did for you!” (as in Joh.15:13). I thought: What “life” should I lay down? Is it not my self-life, “to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires”? (Eph.4:22 NIV).

“There are many things that are highly esteemed among us, but that are detestable in the sight of God!”

The desire for power had corrupted Hitler and his henchmen’s minds so much that they exalted themselves and killed 6 million Jews and many others who were inferior in their eyes! The apostle Paul writes in Gal.6:3, “If anyone who thinks himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceives himself.” This “anyone” can include you and me! There are many things that are highly esteemed among us, but that are detestable in the sight of God! (Luk.16:15, AMP). To be rich, to be gifted, well educated and competent, to come from a certain tribe, to be able to speak a certain language with a proper accent – all these things that people esteem so highly are detestable for God! Hitler was in his time the most powerful man, esteemed by millions, while he and his henchmen behaved and acted like a brood of evil vipers! And so it is still with many who are highly esteemed by men!

If I who call myself a Christian, think of myself to be something and despise and look down on people because of their race and the way God has made them, it would be downright ungodly, it is totally detestable in the sight of God!

On the other side, feeling inferior has also to do with the “old self” that should be laid off! It is when we also esteem the things that are great in the eyes of people, that we feel inferior when we do not have them. But if I am convinced that none of these things have any value for God, I will not be moved and will never bow and crawl before the face of high-minded, carnal, and ungodly men!

This newly married couple will live their marriage life in a society where they will hear remarks and receive cold vibes in daily life, and they will also meet all that rubbish in their own self, their own nature, and that what was planted there by their forefathers. They can only live a free and happy life in true love towards one another if they “reckon themselves dead” to all this rubbish, and “be alive for God in Christ Jesus.” (Rom.6:11). That is, to be alert and hear from Jesus how to react and answer one another and others in their daily life. Then they will receive wisdom from above, from God Himself, and life will become blessed and good, in spite of their surroundings, in spite of their backgrounds, and in spite of what others think and say!

May God bless Wilson and Ester Odhiambo! And may all opinions contrary to God’s Word forever turn silent! (on mute).


“In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality. But in every nation, whoever fears Him and works righteousness, is accepted by Him.” Acts 10:34,35. (Read by the father-in-law at the feast).

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  1. Loeki

    Thank you for this powerful speach, Tielman. I have cried many tears for all the hurt caused by generations of my own family, and found the same horrible stuff in my own life. Thanks be to God that through the power of the cross we can be set free from this!

  2. William Goxo

    Indeed this, like the ones before it, is a powerful article! Honest. Concise. Simple and Spirit-filled. Through this marriage, God demonstrated the power of the cross in breaking down false and artificial barriers between people of all nations and races. He tore down high thought castles and crushed Satan’s evil works. Glory be to God for His wondrous works, for His eternal love which He has poured into our hearts! Long may the brotherhood and fellowship in the spirit live!

  3. Brit

    God will bless them who bless these people of God, and they will be a blessing and prove that all words of God are true.
    There will always and everywhere be silly people, who means they know better than God and will say or do evil things, but this belongs to Gods sake, he will judge and help and so on. That s my testamony.
    So good to read this, then we all meet silly people but also godfearing people and get so all we need to be a blessing for each other and the world where we live. Thanks!

  4. Ruth Choat

    I was especially happy when I heard of these two young ones getting engaged! So perfect!
    ”Those who are bowed partake in transformation.
    From evil cleansed, God’s goodness then flows in;» (Ways of the Lord: 353.)
    This applies to all people, whatever nation or color of skin.

    Ways of the Lord
    Skjulte Skatters Forlag
    Materialet kan være opphavsrettsbeskyttet.

  5. Gibson Mzumazi

    Many thanks brother Tielman for this article. I am highly appreciated for this couple and the word that comes in me is this that ” God works for His purposes ” . May God bless Wilson and Esther on thier of living!

  6. Kirsten de Kort

    Thank you so much for this powerful word! Since I met my (brown) best friend in SA last year, I also found a lot of this rubbish inside me which was so strong that it took me almost a year to accept her the way she is. I am very thankful that God wanted to show me this rubbish inside me so I can grow in faith for myself and for every single brother and sister who fears the Lord. Nomether how they look like or where they come from! This couple shows that it is possible.

  7. George Oketch

    I praise God for this article. May God bless Ester and Wilson abundantly in their marriage life. This is a perfect match before God. And that’s why He allowed it to take place.

  8. Kgatlapane Jantjie

    I am thankful for Wilson & Ester. It is God who allowed light to shine and worked in them to do and to will to His pleasure. 2 Cor.4:6; Phil.2:13.Thanks be to God who always do miracles within us who believe in simplicity of mind. Songs that went out from my heart.”What Glorious light shines from heaven,O blessed the light God imparts”…….,”Think that God will do a miracle within us! Who can comprehend his majesty and power…”

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