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My daughter has two dogs, Austin, a kind of Alsatian, and Kairo, a Husky. They are together the whole day. They could have made life very nice for one another – for they only have one another for fellowship the whole day. They could for example play with one another the whole day and have a royal time, as they have nothing to care about. They get their food every day, their shelter, walks and everything they need! But alas, this is not the case!

If my daughter (the dog’s master) would take Austin for a walk, Kairo gets extremely jealous! And he cannot hide it! He starts barking and whining and runs and jumps up and down while Austin is taken for a walk. And when Austin is returned, Kairo becomes very nasty and will bite Austin and will chase him all over. And it is exactly the same when Kairo is taken for a walk. Then Austin is getting very jealous and nasty! There is to a certain extent peace between them while their master is not around, but the moment she appears, the jealousy flares up and the barking, biting, competing, and nastiness starts again!

They have no reason whatsoever to get jealous, for they get the same attention and fair share of walks. Think if Kairo could understand that when Austin is taken for a walk, that it was not Austin who decided to be invited, but it was the master’s decision. So, if he wants to blame someone, he should blame the master! But they are only dogs with a dog nature, and you can’t teach them this.

“…people are getting jealous and nasty and start “biting” one another! Not with their teeth, but with words and in their thoughts.”

But what about us humans? Is it not the same? When God takes my friend or colleague for a “walk”, and blesses and uses him for something? Why this “barking” and “biting” in our thoughts? Why not just leave the other in peace and bless him in our thoughts? Are we by nature the same as dogs? Yes, we are! And that is what we see and experience in everyday life at work, in families, in churches, in politics, sports, at school and all over! Because of this, things often become so sour and spoiled (corrupted). What could have been good and pleasant, easily gets sour. And instead of being thankful for one another and appreciating the others for what God is doing through them (because it is after all He who takes them for “a walk”), people are getting jealous and nasty and start “biting” one another! Not with their teeth, but with words and in their thoughts.

Is there a way to avoid all of this, a way to change our nature, our thoughts and our reactions? Yes! There is! God gave us great promises in II Pet.1:4 (Contemporary English Version), that His nature can become a part of our nature, if only we are prepared to be set free from our “evil desires” that are at the root of all our jealousy, “biting”, and sour, corrupted relationships. We can then think and react like God, who is never jealous, nasty or sour!

It is the lust for attention that makes Kairo and Austin to get so mad at one another, that makes that they are always in competition with one another. But, if Kairo could get rid of the desire for attention, then he can become happy and content. Then, when the master gives Austin the attention – and Kairo will just lie down quietly and never whine or jump and bite anymore!

The same with us, if we no longer have any desire to be recognised or that people should give us lots of attention, then we get true peace and rest in our thoughts!

Jesus says in Joh.8:32 (New King James Version) that “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”. First, I have to acknowledge the truth, that the problem is not with my friend or colleague, but that the problem lies within me, that it is my own human desires for recognition and attention that causes all the unrest and “biting” in my thought-life. If I then pray to Jesus and ask Him to help me to get rid of these desires, He starts a process in my life to set me free (Joh.8:36; Rom.8:13). As I give myself for His “treatment” to be set free from these human desires, He gives me more and more inner rest and peace and empowers me to bless my friends and colleagues.

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  1. Gibson Mzumazi

    It is unacceptable by God when you are jealous. Jealousy only cause you that you may not attain God’s wisdom.

    Give thanks for others for what they have, even when you don’t have seen a reason why you should give thanks, still do it, but because you know that they are friends of you, and you are in the same battle. Then God bless you for He sees that you are appreciating others, and that they are blessed.

    The reason why we get jealous, is because we don’t understand that I personally, I am different from others. Therefore, God has to do things differently, even with my twin brother or sister But as we are two separate persons, we are different as well. It is my prayer that I will always give thanks to all, even I don’t see a reason why to bless at that moment, but may it be my life to bless others!

  2. Gareth

    It’s so good to be aware of this type of enemy which is jealousy. It has the ability to creep up on you cuz we tend to think that we don’t really have this kind of problem. I am thankful God has given us a way to get free of such unrest and that there is always power available that has immediate effect in our lives and that we don’t have to suffer this out for years and struggle in our thoughts and always compare ourselves. but that God can give us a new thought life and thoughts of blessing and that it’s more than enough in Gods eyes if I surrender it all to him.

  3. Mientjie

    This was a great help for me! To be truly free from this “biting” nature is my longing. It should not be an act. I want to be truly free and happy with others whom God bless and then I start to see how God blesses me more than words could tell.

  4. Timothy Anditi

    The dog nature is deeply rooted in me. I sense it every day . The good news is that since I am aware it exist, I must fight it right from the first thought. I believe it will succeed for me and finally it will die.

  5. Dina Maria du Preez

    Thank you very much! This was extremely good to read! I often expect things from my dogs (and even other human beings) that I myself struggle to learn. I cannot expect my dogs to have godly nature, but think that God wants to give it to me! If I humble myself, hate my own stubbornness and seek and obey God then everything is possible. What a glorious gospel!

  6. Emmanuel Dime

    Yes, that is true I am like a dog. The question is, do I want to continue living like a dog? My answer is NO! I also want to experience that life which give peace, rest in my thoughts. To bless my friend is not something easy to do, but to be jealous is very, very, easy.
    I thank God because I still have His grace over my life, He can and wants to help me and save me from my nature, and from everything that does not glorify Him.

  7. Sandanassamy

    Thanks a lot. Give us a exact picture of what we are made .Now , i am going to careful about my sin.

  8. g

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